#WildHeartedStrategy: Are you saying this because I have a vagina?

Judy Tsuei

One of the best parts about going through my divorce is that I’m becoming increasingly unafraid to speak my truth — whatever the feedback might be.

I’m learning the art of discernment, of who is worthy of being in my inner circle and who needs to get released, and how to go about being the kind of woman my daughter can look up to.

That’s why I loved finding this article from one of my secret-sauce writing groups, where the author interviewed Raegan Moya-Jones, founder of aden + anais. Raegan shared the differences in vying for venture funding, especially when she called people out for asking particular questions because she was a woman and had a vagina.

I especially love that Raegan shares this epic quote on being authentic and direct:

RMJ: I would say to just be authentically yourself, that’s how you are going to succeed. I wasn’t trying to be anyone other than me. There is only one version of me, and people either like me or dislike me.

I happen to be a direct person and I do believe that being direct in business is the right way for everybody, women or men. When you are honest and direct, you get to the end goal or the solution much more quickly than when people are talking around things and telling people what they want to hear. But that is not gender specific advice.

I think the key to being successful in business and in life is to be authentically yourself. If you are your authentic self, everything will fall in place around that.

Like I’ve always said in all of my coaching — #BeWildlyYou.

You MUST be authentic. The Universe designed you expressly to be yourself and no one else. How are you showing up boldly in your female-powered business?

Read the full interview with Raegan here.

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