Why transparency is essential for your business — and how to do it.

Fast Company

One of the things that my followers love that I do best is my ability to be radically transparent in my life and my business. If that’s not one of your skill sets — it definitely should be.

Curious as to why transparency is key for marketing in 2019?

Check out this epic article from Fast Company (which I’ve recently been interviewed to be featured in!!), by online marketing guru, Neil Patel.

Here are a few golden nuggets I especially liked:

Transparency doesn’t just make good ethical sense; it makes good business sense, too.

The reason why transparency is so appealing is largely due to cultural trends and human behavior. We like people who are transparent, so it makes sense that we like companies who are transparent, too. It’s not about some new “hack” or “technique.” It’s about being a real person, a real leader, and a real company.

It’s no longer seen as a virtue to be private. Whistle blowers and hackers are hailed as celebrities, and less are being maligned as traitors. It seems like every few weeks, major corporations leak the personal details of millions of people. Sure, we get a little nervous and change a password or two, but it’s almost like it’s an expected thing.

Transparency produces trust. Who can trust a company or person who doesn’t disclose information, who keeps everything close to the vest, who doesn’t share anything?

As people become more transparent with one another, their relationships deepen. And who is responsible for leading that move towards transparency? It’s the leadership of the business. Transparency has to start at the top.

Transparency is one of those subtle things that can make a dramatic impact on a business. Yes, it will impact your bottom line. But that’s not the whole point. The point is that it helps everyone do business better–you, your clients, your team member.

A culture of transparency is the way business ought to be done.

Most importantly, here’s how you can apply this idea of transparency into your brand or business:

  1. Be transparent about the price. 

  2. Be transparent about guarantees.

  3. Be personally transparent.

  4. Be transparent about business mistakes and successes.

  5. Be transparent about unsatisfied customers.

  6. Be transparent about change.

Need help infusing more transparency into your business from an authenticity and branding expert?

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