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As a WordStylist, Story Coach, and Business Strategist, Judy Tsuei works with wild hearted female entrepreneurs to build the sustainable and socially conscious #laptoplifestyle of their dreams, as well as to learn how to show up in the online space authentically!

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Judy Tsuei

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As a Story Coach and Business Strategist, Judy Tsuei works with wild hearted female entrepreneurs to brand their story beautifully — and to get seen! Being authentic is becoming increasingly important in our online world, and Judy shares the tips, tools, and insights on how to attract your ideal clients in a way that converts to genuine revenue with her signature programs.

Judy Tsuei Writer

Preffered Topics

* How to create an authentic, socially conscious #laptoplifestyle.

* Why brand storytelling is essential for entrepreneurs to differentiate themselves in the online space.

* How to be "real" in social media

* How empowerment marketing leads to conscious & sustainable six figure success

Judy Tsuei Coach

Interview Questions

* What are the key components to crafting a powerfully authentic brand story?

* Why is empowerment marketing essential for creating connection and longevity for your business?

* Why is social media hungering for authenticity and how can you be at the forefront of this burgeoning movement?

* Why are millennials, especially female millennials, primed for entrepreneurial success?

Judy Tsuei

Notable Mentions

* Author of the book, "Meditations for Mamas: You Deserve to Feel Good", which has received wide acclaim on Amazon.

* Successfully launched a Kickstarter campaign for a conscious children's book on Kauai that raised over $10,000+.

* Hosts retreats around the world: Taiwan, Hawaii, California, Texas.