Feel like you don't have enough time?


Ever wish you could stop time, so you could work on projects longer, get the sleep you need to, and be able to take breaks for self-care? Wish you had enough money to support your lifestyle, so you could spend your time working on passion projects? Afraid you have to sacrifice yourself and do things that aren't aligned with your values? 

What if things could work out with ease? What if you lived everyday feeling like your life was flowing forward with more magic & manifestation rather than blood, sweat, and tears? Are you ready to let yourself be happy?

This mastermind program is designed for intellectual, smart, independent and creative wild hearts who are ready to explore your personal spirituality and mindset beliefs to live more aligned, to feel more powerful than ever, and to embrace a new way of being — that translates into epic success for your life, your relationships, and your dream #laptoplifestyle!

I've always believe luck favors the prepared. Let's get you ready, because you deserve to live amazing.

Finally, you can get real.

A friend sent me Judy’s article on MindBodyGreen, and it hit me hard. I am and have been going through the EXACT SAME STRUGGLE and always expecting perfection out of myself. Is there a way to contact Judy? I want to thank her.
— Marissa

THIS program is a lil' woo-woo, a lot amazing.

We're going to get real. Honest. Authentic. You'll find yourself and your voice like never before, by diving into the stories you haven't wanted to explore. I blend spirituality with sense, so that you can experience the kind of results that'll launch you forward into the purpose you've been craving clarity on. 

But... Want to know what you'll really get?

  • A personal story you'll feel confident to share with the world. Use this in your personal relationships or your business content!
  • A way to explore your own spiritual beliefs and path with nurturing support.
  • The exact tools YOU need to get over your mindset blocks and perpetual hiccups.
  • Ways to navigate challenges & conflicts in your life, so that you can show up with grace — even through the hard stuff.

Life may not always be pretty, but it is indeed beautiful.


8 weeks to change your life

Week 1 & 2 — You. As a Heroine.

When you're going through a major life transition, it's easy to forget all the ways in which you've been brave, heroic, and celebrated. We'll use writing to explore your journey from where you were to where you are now, revealing all the ways in which your narrative has brought you to this perfect point to triumph. Many clients find that elements of this story reveal profound 'aha' moments for a deeper clarity of self and your 'why.'

Week 3 & 4 — Spirituality for the Sensible

If you weren't raised with a spiritual upbringing, many of the latest New Age traditions of yoga and Eastern philosophies might feel completely foreign or ill-fitting, like a wrong-sized dress. We'll find a way for you to navigate your own spiritual path that makes sense to your smart, intellectual self! My personal belief is that "Religion is for people who are afraid to go to Hell; Spirituality is for people who've already been there." We'll find the right connection to a sense of Spirit, including Mother Nature, and how you can find alignment in a way that feels just right for you.

Week 5 & 6 — The Tools to Thrive

Meditations. Mantras. An e-mail address where you can completely bitch out. Whatever it is, we'll find the tools that you need to thrive, customized completely for you. Since the beginning of time and ever after, there will only ever be ONE YOU. And, however many people there are on this planet, that is how many ways there are towards enlightenment, which would make sense that your journey towards contentment is meant to be individualized. Let's figure out what truly works for you, whether it's philosophies from Abraham Hicks to Marianne Williamson to Eckhart Tolle or Carolyn Myss to original rituals you feel called to create.

Week 7 & 8 — Sweet Success

You've lost a sense of self and you're working so damn hard on finding yourself again. Let's help you get there through the power of creativity, especially getting your writing. We'll start by talking about ways in which you can become your very own "maker", because working with your hands in an artistic way is such a pivotal approach to healing and thriving — even if you can barely draw a stick figure like me! I'll also show you the beginning steps to launching a freelance writing career, self-publishing a book, submitting a piece to your dream publication, or launching a whole new business.

Thoughtful Touchpoints

You'll have Voxer access to me in between sessions, so you'll always feel that your inward process is honored, respected, and held.

program highlights:

  • Weekly 60-minute live group mastermind calls on Zoom (recorded in case you can't make it).
  • Access to a private Facebook group only for millennials who are in the mastermind or alums of the group for ongoing community support.
Judy Tsuei

**Special Bonus!**

You'll receive complimentary access to ALL – that's right, ALL – my Teachable courses! From launching your business idea (finally!) to getting published and more, all of this is included with your coaching program.

(Valued over $1000+)

Your complimentary bonus!


$379/month for three months


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Female motorycle rider

You reflect back to me the person I want to be.

“Your voice and words have a way of soothing my worries and enveloping them with love and warmth. You’ve taught me how to trust in my own journey and to focus my thoughts on blessings rather than lacking.

The self-confidence formula you gave me, a sort of contract with myself, outlines five clear aims in achieving my ultimate goal. This is something I repeat to myself every day and it helps me to focus my thoughts on it. I very much enjoy the first few minutes of guided meditations that begin our coaching sessions. You are like a mirror that is able to reflect back a sharper image of the person I want to be."

~ Lisa S., Lead Designer