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The Wild Hearted Words Mini-Masterminds are designed to be a 7- to 14-day intensive immersion experience with a high vibe tribe of fellow wild hearts. You’ll get exactly what you need within a short time frame amidst a powerfully supportive tribe.

Within 14 fantastic days, we'll cover a topic in such a profoundly innovative way, so you'll be able to substantially shift your mindset to manifest the results you’ve been craving in your life and your business with ease and grace — and quickly, too!

“Judy is a masterful weaver of science and spirituality. She is unlike other teachers who are just trying to stand out in a crowded market. Judy stands out by leaning back, and letting go. She beautifully balances the groundedness of the masculine with the intuitive, mystical, creative feminine. She is not only a coach, but a mother (which gives her massive clout in my book), balancing the importance of this most feminine honorable role of raising up the next generation, with the role of raising up this generation by serving others through her real-life, real-world, practical guidance. When you choose to work with Judy, you are investing in your most valuable asset, cultivating your most precious Self.”
— Lea Black, TedX Speaker & Photographer
I loved the consistency — every day, and even a day for a break. I loved all of the insight, wisdom and stories shared in order to educate and support my journey!
— Caitlin Parsons, Yoga Therapist
Judy Tsuei
Loved the affirmations. Enjoyed the convenience of viewing videos at my pace. And, appreciated the added information and resources Judy offered!
— Karen Blaunstein, Entrepreneur
I liked the short 7 day commitment, though I could have spent weeks here! I loved the attention to detail Judy put into the course & into each personalized daily interaction. I loved the tribe. I also appreciate that we check in by video, it really helped me feel more connected.
— Erin Colene, Holistic Practitioner

Upcoming Mini-MastermindS

Judy Tsuei
Judy Tsuei


1 APRIL 2019 - 14 april 2019

Divorce. It’s a good thing. And, if you’re a parent raising conscious children, then even more so.

Get rid of the guilt of leaving an old paradigm of marriage and family to create the life you truly desire — for yourself and for your children!

And, learn how to heal the anger, injustice and wounds from your relationship, so that you can write and welcome the life of your dreams.

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1 MAy 2019 - 14 may 2019

If you've been struggling with dealing with debt and yearning for a life where you’re experiencing real financial health, yet you don’t know how to get there, it's time to shift your story into one of real wealth by applying both spiritual tools AND pragmatic steps.

Own your money story like never before — this unique Mini-Mastermind will feature two guest experts who can help you with everything from financial education and planning to real debt removal.

Within a week of doing this practice, I manifested $9,500 into my bank account and signed on three new clients. If you’re ready to rewrite your money story and experience a totally different abundant and carefree relationship with money, this power Mini-Mastermind is for you.

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Here's how the mini-masterminds work:

  1. Sign up to your preferred workshop using the links above.

  2. After making payment, you'll be added to a private & exclusive Wild Hearted Words Pop-Up Coaching Facebook group.

    • Note: This pop-up group is different than the 700+ member group you may already be a part of!

  3. Every day, you'll get an email filled with insights, prompts, and intuitive support for you to engage with in the group.

    • The more active you are, the better your results!

  4. I'll show up in two daily livestream coaching sessions for 7-14 days:

    • A #MorningMasterclass for teaching and asking questions; and

    • An #EveningMasterclass that provide personalized feedback for everyone!

  5. Get support from your fellow Wild Hearts Tribe AND receive customized input from me.

  • Join each masterclass live to ask your questions in real-time and receive direct coaching from me, or ask your questions in the group in advance, so I can address them during the livestream!


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Judy Tsuei

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Every month, I reserve three spots for 1:1 clients who want to dive deeper with premium attention. Sound like what you’re looking for? If you’re seeking powerful support and guidance in both your business and your life, I invite you to take 20-minutes to complete the application form below. Once I review your responses, I’ll then connect with you via email to schedule a complimentary 20-min session to explore whether we’re a best fit and how I can create a customized program to move quickly from where you are now to where you’d like to get to!

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