High Vibe Tribe 

These mini-masterminds are designed to be workshop-style with a high vibe tribe of fellow wild hearts, so that you can hit it, get what you need within a powerfully supportive tribe, and flow forward easily into your life.

In just seven fantastic days, we'll cover a topic in such a profoundly innovative way, you'll be able to substantially shift your mindset into manifesting the results you want with ease and grace — and quickly, too!

Loved the affirmations. Enjoyed the convenience of viewing videos at my pace. And, appreciated the added information and resources Judy offered!
— Karen Blaunstein, Entrepreneur
Judy Tsuei

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Jules Fox & Judy Tsuei
Judy Tsuei


16 APRIL 2018

My husband and I saw all the couples' counselors, the relationship coaches, even individual therapists. Yet, we were still on the verge of divorce multiple times over.

Find out how to completely transform your own contentment, which can absolutely impact your relationship with your partner in profound ways — and rapidly. 


    7 MAy 2018

    If you've been struggling with moving from debt to finally living a life where finances become carefree, it's time to shift your story into one of wealth & abundance.

    Within a week of doing this practice, I manifested $9,500 into my bank account in one day — and my husband brought home $2120 that same afternoon!

    Ready to rewrite your money story and experience a totally different abundant & carefree relationship with money, Wild Heart?



    1 Mar 2018

    Discover how to become more intuitive, so that you can live in the flow and magic of powerfully attracting everything you've ever wanted into your life. And, when it comes to building your business or amping the results you want to see, exploring your intuition is precisely the magical way to do it.

    I liked the short 7 day commitment, though I could have spent weeks here! I loved the attention to detail Judy put into the course & into each personalized daily interaction. I loved the tribe. I also appreciate that we check in by video, it really helped me feel more connected.
    — Erin Colene, Holistic Practitioner
    I loved the consistency — every day, and even a day for a break. I loved all of the insight, wisdom and stories shared in order to educate and support my journey!
    — Caitlin Parsons, Yoga Therapist

    Here's how it works:

    1. Sign up or RSVP to your preferred workshop below.
    2. After making payment, you'll be added to a private & exclusive Wild Hearted Words Coaching Facebook group. 
      • This group is different than the 600+ member group you may already be a part of.
    3. Every day, you'll get an email filled with insights, prompts, and intuitive support for you to engage with in the group.
      • The more active you are, the better your results!
    4. I'll show up in two daily livestream coaching sessions for 7 days:
      • ne in the morning for teaching; 
      • One in the evening to provide personalized feedback for everyone!
    5. Get support from your fellow Wild Hearts FB Tribe AND receive customized input from me.
    • Join live to ask your questions in real-time and receive direct coaching from me, or ask your questions in the group in advance, so I can address them during the livestream!

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