Episode 1: Your Mess, If You're Brave Enough, That's Your Message


Here’s what drew Crystal and I together — the story of the Hawaiian islands, love, and change.

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Show Notes:

  • Even though Hawaiians like to keep local spots secret, you can find out more about Kalihiwai, Hawaii here. And, find out about how the Hawaiian islands connect to the Chakras.

  • Definitely find out more about Marianne Williamson & why A Course in Miracles is my daily practice these days.

  • Hyperemesis gravidarum (what Princess Kate has suffered from in each of her pregnancies) was so intense in my life. I didn’t realize the post-partum phase lasts for up to five years after birth. To learn more about that, check out my friend, Kimberly Ann Johnson’s book, The Fourth Trimester.

  • Want to dive into your own Ho`oponopono forgiveness practice?

  • Jess Lively is how Crystal and I met! You can hear more about what she’s up to here.

  • Listen to the Soul Contracts #MondayMasterclass in my Facebook Group.

  • Curious about quantum realities? Check out Reality Transfurfing.



  • Every day, approach every person in your life as though they’re new. Let go of the old stories. Start fresh. What happens in THAT space?


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