Episode 2: Keep Throwin' That Loofah in the Air, Yo.

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The stories we tell ourselves about what we should be achieving or that things will be better after some given accomplishment are so seductive. Here are techniques to stay in the grounded moment.

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  • Looking to figure out your WHY? Simon Sinek has a lot on that.

  • Byron Katie’s work is profound — check out her Loving What Is book here.

  • Barbara Brown Taylor on Oprah’s SuperSoul Sundays is a great interview around embracing the darkness and shadow side of things.

  • Want to become an expert at affirmations? Go to Louise Hay’s free audiobook.

  • The living manifestation document I created brought about this that I wrote about on MindBodyGreen.

  • Gary Zukav’s Seat of the Soul changed Oprah’s life.

  • Need to practice more detachment? To be “detached as fuck”? Add the words, “This or something better still…” or dropping into THIS PRESENT MOMENT to the end of your wishes, hopes, and dreams.

  • “I am available for…” or “I am not available for…” is a great intermediary step if you can’t jump into the big leaps of your greatest dreams. Or, as Abraham Hicks would say, “I’m ready to be ready to be ready…”



  • Journaling, affirmations, create an email address for your Higher Power are great ways to keep you connected to Source. Need additional support? Get my Hawaiian-inspired Chakra Journal here.

  • Here are two amazing journal prompts for you to dive into with stream of consciousness writing — just keep your pen or pencil flowing: “What am I pretending not to know?” or “What is it I’m afraid to say out loud?”


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Judy Tsuei