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Judy Tsuei
Crystal Hutter

Meet Judy Tsuei, the Right-Brained Creative Modern Mystic

Judy Tsuei is a WordStylist and Business Strategist who coaches wild hearted female entrepreneurs on how to create sustainable businesses through the power of authentic brand storytelling. She offers self-paced courses, powerful mastermind groups, and private coaching retreats to make your brand story beautiful and to gain the exposure your business needs, by empowering you to get published and featured on podcast interviews.

As the author of several books (including one backed by a wildly successful Kickstarter campaign), Judy has also been featured in MindBodyGreen, elephant journal, Gaiam, in addition to working on global brand marketing strategy, including Neutrogena, Toyota, and more.

She's most passionate about being the creator of the #bewildlyyou movement, because she believes that in the online space, it's all too easy easy to compare your inner world based on someone else's social media highlight reel.

Yet, it’s precisely this trend that’s causing a crisis of consciousness as we continually ache for authenticity, rather than having to live as a curated brand. #BeWildlyYou encourages you to show up as the "real you" in your brand, your business, and your life to make your story beautiful — and get seen.

Meet Crystal Hutter, the Left-Brained & Super Grounded Modern Mystic

Crystal Hutter is an entrepreneur, advisor, and impact investor based in Silicon Valley. 

She’s a co-founder of Edmodo, the number one K-12 social learning network in the world, where she served as COO and CEO until the beginning of 2015!

Crystal still loves supporting companies in the educational tech and social media spaces and is passionate about supporting female entrepreneurs globally.

But, it’s not just about business. Because along the way, Crystal also became a mother of two incredible children, which led to learning how to manage the often clashing identities of mama and/or/versus business woman.

She’s now diving into understanding how deeply rooted the stories we tell ourselves are — and the attachments we have to our perceived identities. It’s here that she’s also discovering her own inner knowing and the peace that comes from listening to that voice over all the other noise and stories that Life brings on a daily basis.

Crystal is on an endeavor to understand how we can all make more conscious decisions, big and small, moment-to-moment. It’s here that she believes people can tap into their inner guidance system or intuition to stay in the present moment, live in flow, and create beautiful stories.  

Wild Hearted Words Podcast

Get to know these two women every week as they reflect upon life unfolding in the most beautiful of ways…

The Wild Hearted Words podcast explores:

  • The stories you tell yourself,

  • The stories you tell the world, and

  • The stories you tell your children…
    To create conversations that allow us to authentically show up as more conscious humans, more powerful entrepreneurs, and more amazing parents.

Judy Tsuei