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You're ready for the big guns!

It's time to establish yourself as the expert you are, to build that platform you're seeking, so you can become a real #microinfluencer, and show up in the ways you've always wanted to be well-known because you're totally worth knowing.

You've done the mindset work and you KNOW you're meant to be in the spotlight (in spiritually-grounded ways, of course), so now you need to know how to build your platform in precisely the ways that'll bring you the most visibility with ease and grace.




  • Two 60-minute coaching & unlimited Voxer access for spot coaching throughout the month.
  • A customized visibility strategy with all the right content, pitching tools, and first-to-know PR opportunities (valued at $799) that get you directly in front of the journalists and podcasters who want to know about you!
  • Personalized media kit & pitch letters that you can continue to use for as long as you want.
  • Shared Trello board to champion your wins and keep you beautifully accountable in the areas that need extra grounding & support.