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Ideal for...

This 60-min call is ideal for the smart entrepreneur ready to hit it and quit it; the business owner looking to glean keen insights on a smart story strategy before committing to a bigger process; or, the creative soul seeking true clarity on business insights to move forward and stop hemmin' & hawin' already.

  • You have a sense that you need to tell a better story to pitch your brand or your business and to stand out online, but you're not sure what you should be saying for real conversations and conversion.
  • You haven't realized how vital your brand story is in powering the direction in all of your online marketing and public relations efforts. You want to learn more about the publishing world and how to build your platform.
  • You're ready to do business more consciously, so every aligned action leads to 10x what you could achieve through normal brain power alone. 

Think of this as your 'woo meets wealthy' strategy session that'll reveal exactly what you need to know right now to propel you forward into greater success.

How It Works:

  1. Invest in yourself by clicking below.
  2. Once you schedule your appointment, you'll be sent a thoughtful assessment form to prep for our chat.
  3. Our session is hosted on Zoom, so it's recorded and you can access it anytime afterward!

Create Your Brand Story


Ideal for...

You've been in business for under two years, or you're in the midst of a pivot. You've tried to differentiate yourself online, but nothing's sticking and you're not seeing the kind of traction that leads to authentic engagement (we're not talking vanity metrics here!).

You realize something's missing, but you don't know what.

  • By creating your signature brand story that relates to your ideal clientele, you'll become THE resource they'll want to come back to again and again, because you've pulled on their heartstrings — even if your brand isn't touchy-feely, every purchase someone makes is based MORE ON EMOTION than on logic.
  • Think of this as your personal Simon Sinek 'Start With Why' session, so that you'll know exactly what to say to your audience to get them to pay attention to you over anyone else.
  • You'll also be able to use your signature brand story in all of your pitching for podcast interviews, speaking engagements, and PR.

Most importantly, you'll gain unparalleled clarity that'll help drive your marketing efforts for years to come.

How It Works:

  1. Learn more about this signature package by clicking below.
  2. Once you schedule your first appointment, you'll be sent a thoughtful assessment form to prep for our chat.
  3. Our sessions are hosted on Zoom, so they're recorded and you can access them anytime afterward!

Ideal for...

You're realizing you need big help in PR, because you're doing good work, but you're not getting noticed the way you feel you should be. Yet, you're smart enough to know that vanity metrics don't mean anything, because what's the point of having all those followers if they genuinely don't care that much about who you are, what you're doing, and they're not converting to real revenue? 

  • It's time to build your platform as the expert you are — if you're ready to get published, get featured, and get interviewed, this package is designed especially for you.
  • Think of this as the antithesis to all the bots you could pay for or coaches you've paid for who aren't getting you the results you thought you'd have.

This is real leverage through real connection and genuine growth to create meaningful impact.

How It Works:

  1. Learn more about this signature package by clicking below.
  2. Once you schedule your first appointment, you'll be sent a thoughtful assessment form to prep for our chat.
  3. Our sessions are hosted on Zoom, so they're recorded and you can access them anytime afterward!

Build Your Platform

Customized pricing

** Must first complete the Create Your Brand Story program or a Primer call. 



always wanted to write a book?


It's time to add 'author' to your bio and build your platform like never before.



Write your book in 30 days.

Whether you've dreamed of becoming a New York Times bestselling author or have plenty of ideas you're ready to turn into self-published books, there's nothing like adding "author" to your bio and establishing instant authority.

Unlike other manuscript coaching programs, we'll complete your entire book within 30-days — you'll need to be committed to following through and finishing strong.

Rely upon a WordStylist who knows what she's talking about! 

I'm self-published a couple of times over, ran a successful Kickstarter campaign that raised over $10K for our conscious children's book (and was a staff pick), and I've been interviewed on numerous podcasts for my story-branding expertise.

After we complete your manuscript, you'll have an option to sign-up for my self-publishing marketing mastery intensive to launch your book right!

To join this program:

  • You've got to be READY to take aligned action.
  • You're a wild-hearted action-taker who can commit to a 30-day book-writing plan.
  • You have a book idea you've been wanting to write, even if you've never been published before.
  • You want to be self-published or create a manuscript proposal with sample chapters.
  • You're prepared to show up and be seen, so the strategic marketing plan we create gains traction.

If you're ready for an extraordinary book-writing experience, THIS PROGRAM IS FOR YOU.

I'm very selective about the clients I accept into this program due to its intensive nature. If you're interested in applying, please schedule a complimentary call below:





I believe the most powerful results come from authenticity and attraction marketing, which is why being true through and through is where we start and how you'll truly differentiate yourself online. 

See what these amazing clients have to say about their results.

Screen Shot 2017-11-07 at 12.13.41 PM.png
You had me articulate for the first time many things that I never said aloud. About WHY I do it. About WHO I love working with... Such a powerful review of my beliefs, things I stand for, and practicing saying them out loud makes me stronger, more grounded within myself. Upleveling MASSIVELY.
— Gosia Potoczna, Sales Funnel Strategist
Can I just say I am so happy and honored to be working with you!!!
— Annique Sampson, Life Coach
Thanks for this, Judy. You are awesome. So glad I said hell yes to this!
— Ashley Johns, Fitness Coach
I’m not someone who tends to cry easily unless it deeply moves me. Yet, I’ve cried so many tears of joy and gratefulness these past few days.
— Diane Carr, Sacred Events
I’m really digging on your encouragement around showing up authentically in vulnerability, knowing that it and I am enough, knowing I do have something to offer and can help other women.
— Joelle Blake, Health Coach for Mamas