#BeWildlyWealthy 7-Day Self-Paced Intensive Course

#BeWildlyWealthy 7-Day Self-Paced Intensive Course


The #BeWildlyWealthy 7-Day Self-Paced Intensive Course

Transform Your Money Mindset and Uplevel Your Life

Discover the exact steps I took to manifesting a six-figure salary in one month.

Let's go from fear & scarcity to attracting abundance with ease!

Does This Sound Like You?

"I'm working so damn hard, but not seeing the results I want to — in my life or in my bank account. I keep accruing debt from signing up for course after course & coach after coach, but somehow, it's still not making a difference. 

I KNOW I'm so close to breaking through... so what's holding me back from the success I know I'm destined for?"


  • The next time you thought about money, you felt a vibe of real freedom, ease & potential?
  • If suddenly, you began manifesting greater than ever before?
  • If you reached a flow state, where the Universe rushes to meet you in ways you never imagined? 

In This Amazing #BeWildyWealthy Week, You'll:

  • Join a High Vibe Tribe: Transform your personal narratives in a sacred space with women experiencing exactly what you're going through and who believe in #communityovercompetition.
  • Become A Powerful Bad-Ass: You're going to learn how to let other people be accountable for their actions and take full responsibility of what's happened, so you can boldly step into personal freedom.
  • Up Your Vibe to Feel Confident About Money: You'll step into more than owning your money story and what you believe about abundance — you're going to rock a WEALTH MINDSET like never before.
  • Claim Your FEEL GOOD Birthright: Wild Heart, you deserve to feel good. It's your birthright. And, you'll learn how to stand into this space every single frickin' day.


* You have debt you want to release.

* You're ready to create a WEALTH MINDSET for you & your family.

* You want to be a badass at owning your money power.

* You're open to a new way of thinking, being, and doing.

The #BeWildlyWealthy 7-Day Intensive is your chance to transform your money mindset and uplevel your life!

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