An 8-week signature program designed for #bossbabes WHO WANT TO rock it.

Ready to stop struggling with what to write for your blogs, newsletters, social media posts, and more? Thinking it's your funnel, your ad copy, or not posting enough on Facebook that's causing low conversions? Desperately want to "get real" in a way that feels authentic for you online?

If you're ready for real engagement, big conversion, and a tribe ready to invest in everything you offer, then here's what you need to know: 

It's the story you AREN'T telling the world that's keeping you stuck in your business.

With my signature program, you'll finally uncover the core stories you NEED to be telling. 

If you are...

  • Wasting time struggling with Facebook, Instagram, or blog posts, because you have no idea what to write or how to say it, so you don't end up posting at all,
  • Have lots of 'likes' and fans, but it simply isn't converting into increased revenue the way you'd like — or, you get crickets when you post,
  • Worried about suffering from a vulnerability hangover when you share LIVE,
  • Having a hard time committing to one plan, feeling like you don't know if it's the right one or that you're pretty certain there's something better out there that you just don't know about,
  • Realizing how much money you've invested in different courses and programs, yet you still feel overwhelmed that you're having LESS and less time and seeing fewer and fewer results,
  • Feeling like a fraud, because you're coaching clients on techniques, but then why aren't you getting the results you're promising them?


It's time for Six Figure Storytelling.


    • A genuine brand story you'll feel confident to use in all your marketing communications.
    • Clarity on your ideal customers, their pain points, and how to convert them into a devoted tribe ready for everything you have to offer.
    • A professional media kit to score interviews that establish you as an expert.
    • Plug & play pitch letter templates to get you featured online.
    • Story & strategy coaching to be engaging & monetize LIVESTREAMS.
    Judy Tsuei story


    All My Teachable Courses — FREE!

    Learn how to create a compelling sales funnel with plug & play templates for passive income, discover what content your website actually needs, find out how to get published to increase exposure, and more!

    (Valued over $1000)

    Yours as a complimentary bonus gift!


    Psst... Emotions sell. Facts tell.

    Judy Tsuei

    You're a defiant, set-your-own-standard-of-happy, individual-path kind of person. You've achieved five-six-seven-figure success, and now you're ready to create even bigger momentum. 

    To truly stand out, you need radical authenticity. Real vulnerability. And, the brand story of YOU that connects on an emotional level.

    We work together to craft authentic narratives only you can tell, those beautiful, honest, and compelling stories your tribe will identify with. We dive into your heroine's journey your superfans are seeking to know... the one that's led to you being a bad-ass, wild woman female entrepreneur!

    I make your media mentions matter.

    With the right stories in place, I craft a smart marketing and media outreach strategy. I'll coach you on how to be a stellar speaker ready to pivot instantly, so you'll always feel confident and ready. And, I'll teach you how to pitch it to all the right places to establish yourself as an expert in your field.

    Program Structure

    Week 1 — Your Heroine's Journey Attracts Ideal Clients

    We craft the core stories you need to create an epic brand, ones that your ideal clients absolutely identify themselves with, so they know YOU are their person! You'll learn the framework for your Heroine's Journey, Stories Outside the Frame, and Testimonials That Sell and discover how to use variations of these core stories for website, social, and marketing materials that help address objections for your clients before you even chat with them!

    Week 2 — Find the Right Words to Stand Out in a Saturated Market

    Even though you have a unique approach to your business, there's a saturated market for what you're doing. The most effective way to differentiate yourself, to build that essential "know-like-trust" factor, and to convey your stand-out features is through your authentic stories. Know exactly what to convey on your website with the right calls-to-action to drive your ideal clients to contact you!

    Judy Tsuei writer

    Week 3 — Are You Conveying Your Premium Value?

    If you're not achieving a greater level of financial success with a steady stream of clients, you're not expressing your premium value in a compelling way that gets clients to convert to what you're offering. You'll learn how to use your story from sales pitches to livestreams to any conversation, so that people are ready to invest in a big way!

    Week 4 — Implementation & Editing

    We'll work through a shared Trello board and you'll have Voxer access to me, so that we can implement and edit what you've learned over the past three weeks.

    Week 5 — Create Your "Yes, We'll Book You!" Press Kit

    Consider this your secret PR weapon! You'll learn how to craft a compelling press kit to send into the world to help you get booked for regional, national, and global exposure from podcast interviews to speaking engagements, and more. Create amazing impact AND save time with your professional #BossBabe Press Kit at the ready.

    Week 6 — It's Time to Get Seen

    We'll work together to craft a personalized pitch letter that you can use as an evergreen plug & play template to start booking interviews and articles. You'll get exclusive access to my e-book filled with actual pitch emails I wrote that got me booked on podcasts & garnered enthusiastic "yes's" from editors at Medium,, MindBodyGreen, and more, so that these highly sought after editors were reaching out to ME for content! Plus, you can even get personal responses from international media moguls, like I did for myself and my clients, when Arianna Huffington emailed us back personally.

    Week 7 — On-The-Fly Storytelling

    Livestreams. Videos. Sales Pitches. Questions during interviews. I'll coach you on what to say on-the-fly, when you're live and front-facing, so you'll be able to rock any opportunity to share about your brand. Actions speak louder than words, so we'll explore your energy, body language, and tone, in addition to the words you're using. (This is a superb training for folks who are introverted, reserved, or private by nature.)

    Week 8 — Implementation & Editing

    We'll work through a shared Trello board and you'll have Voxer access to me, so that we can implement and edit what you've learned over the past three weeks.


    Weekly Recorded 60-Minute Live Zoom Calls

    Voxer access for quickie questions in between.

    A shared Trello board for accountability & cheering on wins!



    or one payment of $5188

    Raeka Beauty

    I wanted to share this with you, because it worked!

    "I was getting overwhelmed with what had to be done at first in an Instagram Pod, but I got through it and guess what? I'm sure I'm not telling you anything you don't already know BUT your tips, tricks, and advice WORKED! It's like fairy dust and here's proof!

    My Instagram account is growing much faster than it did before!! 1373 profile views in the last 7 DAYS! I have never seen that banner pop up before. Love you!

    ~ Raeka, founder of Raeka Beauty

    Cheryl Mauldin

    This is something all entrepreneurs need.

    "How do you get in front of the right people? People think exposure itself is enough, but it's not! I was on EOFire and I was told beforehand that I needed to be prepared with my answers, because if I couldn't go deep, John Lee Dumas is known for nailing people on the air! You don't know what the next question is going to be, but you better know how to respond in the moment.

    When Judy helped me with my core stories, I was able to go right to that when John asked me on the air. Judy's content is now how I introduce myself and what's on my media page, which is a huge key for me, because it saves me time AND I don't have to let any opportunities pass, because I already have my information ready to send."

    ~ Cheryl M., founder of Elite Women in Business