Judy Tsuei


Designed for left-brained individuals looking to tap into your spiritual intuitive side…

If you’re looking for clarity on a big life or business decision, you’re in a state of transition, or you’d like to learn how to be in the magical flow of life…

These intuitive sessions are designed for you.

Ready to write a new heroine’s journey? One filled with triumph, clarity, and connection? Looking to get unstuck and unlock your powerful potential within?

It’s time to transform your business and your life faster than ever before.

Here’s the truth: each of us is seeking the truest, highest expression of ourselves as human beings; we’re all looking for the path that allows us to come home to ourselves. 

What if you could finally find your path home?

Whatever you’re hung up on, whatever you can’t figure out, your Higher Self already knows the answer. Unfortunately, your brain is so loud, you’re having a hard time getting the right message that you need to hear RIGHT NOW to get you moving forward into the next phase of your life.

These intuitive sessions are designed to show you how YOU can connect to your personal infinite guidance FAST.

You’ll break through your personal mindset barriers that’ve been holding you back for years. You’ll discover that your dream life and your infinite wisdom are desperately trying to reach you, but it’s all waiting for you to let Her in.

From this moment forward, you’ll uncover how you can always tap into your inner power in all aspects of your life!

What would it be like to know with full confidence that you’re on the right track?

What if you knew WITHOUT A DOUBT what your next step should be?

How much freedom would that give you?

How would that feel?

What would that be worth?

Judy Tsuei
Judy Tsuei

one-on-one sessions

Powerful Intuitive Session

Experience a powerful intuitive session designed teach you how to connect with your own soul wisdom. 

  • 60-minute video call, recorded for your personal reference anytime afterward.

  • These sessions are especially impactful if you’re seeking clarity in a specific life or business decision, when you’re in a state of transition in your life, or when there’s a block you simply can’t move through.

  • We can cover any array of topics you'd like to explore, bringing in powerful healing energy from my training as a Reiki Master and your own infinite wisdom.

  • Each session is designed to show you how you can access your own inner power QUICKLY and EASILY anytime you need to make a decision in your life to move forward with full peace and confidence.

Once you book, you'll receive a super special scheduling link.

** Payment plans available. If you’re wondering how to fit it into your budget, send me an email and we’ll make it happen. **

3 Follow-Up Intuitive Sessions

Designed as follow-up support after your initial session.

  • Calls are 30-minutes and recorded for your easy reference anytime afterward.

  • We can cover any array of topics you'd like to explore, bringing in powerful healing energy from my training as a Reiki Master.

  • Every intuitive session is designed to teach you how to connect with your own soul wisdom. 

Once you book, you'll receive a super special scheduling link.


What do clients say?

Judy is a masterful weaver of science and spirituality. She is unlike other teachers who are just trying to stand out in a crowded market. Judy stands out by leaning back, and letting go. She beautifully balances the groundedness of the masculine with the intuitive, mystical, creative feminine. She is not only a coach, but a mother (which gives her massive clout in my book), balancing the importance of this most feminine honorable role of raising up the next generation, with the role of raising up this generation by serving others through her real-life, real-world, practical guidance. When you choose to work with Judy, you are investing in your most valuable asset, cultivating your most precious Self.
— Lea Black, TEDx Speaker, Photographer
Holy Shit. I cannot even express (because I’m a mess of anxiety) what this post means to me right now. THANK YOU for your courage to say what I have experienced this past week, month, season, and year. Thank you.
— Jacquelyn Tierney, photographer and documentarian
Hey Jude! I’m so inspired after listening to this audio. I just kept thinking how everything you are saying is exactly aligned with where I am and where I am headed, so yay! Thank you for being my guide on this part of this journey! You are brilliant as well as wise, and this is an honor!
— Lexi Meyerowitz, yoga teacher and mother
I’m a left-brained rational person who’s also learning more about spirituality. I was faced with a difficult decision about where to move to in the world, knowing that my decision would impact my daughter, my husband, and my baby with special needs on the way. I wasn’t even sure what these intuitive sessions would be like, but in just 45-minutes, my session with Judy provided all the clarity I needed to make a decision with full confidence and peace. I immediately felt infinitely lighter after our session and I wish everyone could experience what I did with Judy.
— Anna Y, Financial Consultant