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let's get this party started...

There's way too much overwhelm these days, especially for an entrepreneur. So, I made this lil' road map right here for you to easily find my best resources designed for your specific stage of business!


{in biz 6 months or less} You're just getting started.

Whether you're working a side-hustle or starting to uncover your big purpose, here are free resources for precisely what you need to get you started!

  1. Join my exclusive Facebook Group for my #MondayMasterclass, where I explore a different aspect of crafting your story, building your brand, and maintaining your heart throughout.
  2. Check out these awesome free mindset meditations & business lessons on my YouTube channel!
  3. Explore this blog post with the best resources I've invested in (and trust me, I've invested in PLENTY that I didn't need to from coaches to courses!) that have proven the most useful.

{in biz 6 months-2 years} You're on your way!

Alrightie, you've gotten your feet wet. You've gone through the tough stages of doubt and potentially thinking that maybe you weren't cut out for this after all, but then buckled up and realized that you're actually still a bad-ass #bossbabe. In addition to all the resources above, be sure to check out these goodies below:

  1. Explore an array of awesome free interviews I've done with industry-leaders, from Caitlin Bacher's Pinterest Strategist to the founder of the renowned Austin food blog, A Taste of Koko to Rising Tide & HoneyBook Founder, Natalie Frank, and more!
  2. You might be feeling that urgency of needing to do #allthethings and then feeling like, at the end of the day, you've just spun your wheels and have nothing to show for it. It's time for you to re-prioritize and start owning your own time again! Explore my free 5 60-second tips designed to save you 10+ hours a week.
  3. Now that you've been inundated with learning, how do you actually grow your business to combine purpose AND profit? 

{in biz 2 years+} it's time to build your platform.

It might've taken a little while (and maybe you're still working on it), but you now know you're an EXPERT at what you do. The next step is for the world to see you as one, too! That's where visibility strategies come into play. But, what's the point of visibility if there isn't any conversion? 

I created my "Convert Like Crazy" and "Build a Platform" programs especially for you. If you're ready to work with a smart biz goddess who's been trusted by Neutrogena, Toyota, Scion, Manduka Yoga, gotten personal "yes's" to get published from Arianna Huffington and editors at MindBodyGreen, and nurtured lots of indie brands too, then it's time we start a conversation.