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Want to stand out like a beacon of light where your audience finds you?

Find out how to start speaking their language by using all the right words.

With this #WildHeartedAudience Mini-Mastermind, you’ll know exactly who you’re targeting and why. Then, you’ll know how to figure out what to say to them so they’ll buy!

In this 14-day series, you’ll gain clarity on:

  • Your Signature Element Formula (think of this as a way to figure out your elevator pitch, which is great for sales and whenever you’re introducing yourself in social media groups).

  • Get Clear On Your Brand Archetype

  • Your Own Heroine’s Journey a.k.a. How to Truly Relate To Your Audience (this exercise has been the most fun for my clients).

  • How to Conduct Market Research Interviews (this is how you’ll get the perfect copy)

  • What Results Your Clients Can Expect (your sales copy NEEDS this!)

  • Who Really is Your Ideal Client?

  • What is Your Brand Gift — What Will Your Clients Really Buy? (Gain even deeper clarity on your offers, so it’s easy for your clients to say ‘YES!’)

  • Why Will Your Clients Buy? (This is how you’ll emotionally connect with your audience.)

Without total clarity on your audience, you’ll have a hard time crafting powerful marketing content. This #Mini-Mastermind will revolutionize your sales copy!


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