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What would it feel like to know exactly what to say about your business?

This #Mini-Mastermind is the foundation for all the upcoming #Mini-Masterminds, because you’ll gain a foundational understanding on WHO you are, WHY you’re doing what you’re doing, and HOW to express this to your ideal clients to start selling with ease…

This #WildHeartedClarity Mini-Mastermind is designed to free yourself from the confusion of how to move forward in your business and your life by diving deep into your own own heroine’s journey.

You’ll leave doubt behind. You’ll stop questioning whether you’re really qualified to do this. You’ll start seeing yourself as a powerful force who has a unique spirit medicine the world truly needs!

If you’re looking to create an exceptional life, you’ve got to know WHO you are, WHY you’re doing what you’re doing, and HOW to get this message out into the world.

This #WildHeartedClarity #Mini-Mastermind is for you if you realize you need to take a step back and truly start to plan things out in a way that makes every next step clear, and to give you the confidence that you CAN indeed do this.

In just 7 days:

  • We’re going to do a deep dive into WHO you really are.

    • It’s easy to get lost in seeing what everyone else is posting on social media, but none of that matters, because YOU have a unique gift and YOUR UNIQUE AUDIENCE only wants to work with you. But first, you have to get very clear on who you are and how you work, so that you can position yourself differently from anyone else.

  • Once you gain clarity on WHO you are, we’ll dive into WHY you want to do what you’re doing — this is the start of your signature brand story that’ll differentiate you from anyone else.

    • You were born with a signature purpose… but, somehow along the way you’ve gotten confused. Let’s get you back to the heart of why you’re doing what you want to be doing, so that you can talk about your purpose in all the right ways and become a shining beacon of light that awakens all of the people around the world who are meant to work with you.

  • After you have WHO and WHY, you’ll gain clarity on HOW to start sharing about yourself with the world!

    • Above any marketing tips, business strategy, or content creation ideas, the ONE thing that will amplify all of your efforts and make sales easier than ever before is the vibe that you’re putting out in the world. Once you gain clarity on who you are, why you’re doing what you’re doing, we’ll focus on how to talk about it that that your ideal clients can’t wait to work with you!

What would REAL CLARITY feel like for you?

And, here’s your BONUS for my first #Mini-Mastermind of the year!

  • Sign up to #WildHeartedClarity now to get an extra 1:1 private call with me after the program is complete, so you can create a clear 90-day plan for your business and your life!


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