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You’ve been struggling to write a highly converting sales page.

You have no idea where to start… like the fact that your sales page should be modeled after old school direct response copy.

You don’t know when you should make the offer, where to include testimonials (wait! I need to get testimonials?!) or how to address the psychology of a buyer, so by the time they’re at the bottom of your page, they’ve already clicked to contact you or have invested in your services.

Let’s work on this together!

Within 7 days:

  • You’ll have a powerfully written sales page in your own voice.

  • You’ll know how to structure it, so that your potential client continues to read through everything you have to offer.

  • You’ll know how to address potential objections in your copy, so that your audience feels at ease and comfortable to buy.

  • You’ll even gain tips and tricks on pricing to make it easy for your ideal clients to say “YES!”

  • You’ll gain the best insights from Sean D’Souza, Ramit Sethi, Neil Patel, Marie Forleo, and more.

To participate in this #Mini-Mastermind, you MUST already have:

  • Clarity on what service or product you’re aiming to sell.

  • Clarity on who you’re talking to.

  • If you don’t have clarity on the two points above, contact me for a quick 60-min intensive session to get you primed for this mini-mastermind. Use “Primer Session for #WildHeartedSalesPage Mini-Mastermind.”


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