aspiring authors need a platform.

Judy Tsuei

You’re a heart-based entrepreneur providing a valuable service in the world.

You’ve got a load of expertise you’re ready to share in a bigger way.

Maybe you’re a therapist, a coach, a smart woman who’s gone through some shit and come out of the wringer with the bigger awareness that the lessons you’ve learned can absolutely help someone else who’s going through what you’ve gone through.

Whether it’s your professional insights you’re crafting into a valuable resource or your lived experience you’ll be writing into a powerful memoir, you’re now writing your book — congratulations!

So… what’s next?



You’ll have everything you need to ramp up your platform with an engaged and authentic audience primed for your book launch.

This program is right for you if:

  • You’re doing powerful work in the world — and your soul has called you to write a book.

  • You’ve worked with a writing coach and they’ve told you that it’s time to build a platform.

  • You know that whether you’re looking to self-publish or you want to pitch yourself to an agent, you now know that it’s essential to have a platform.

With this exclusive marketing + branding + social promotion program, you’ll get:

  • A basic Squarespace website designed to build excitement for your book launch that includes:

    • About

    • Services

    • Blog

    • Contact

  • Your Signature Story that can be used for your About page and Speaking Bio

  • Your Sales Funnel that leads to the Strategic Services once your book launches

  • Your Social Media Marketing Plan

    • Get clarity on which channels are right for you and how to show up in each platform for the most engagement and audience-building techniques

  • PR & Promotions Plan to get you featured in major media publications and podcasts

Experience a powerful 8-week partnership that gets you everything you need to build up to your book launch!

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What do clients say?

I attended a workshop with a leading publishing expert who told each of us that in order to launch a book successfully, we needed to have a platform. I had no idea where to start until I met Judy — she’s been amazing with helping me build a powerful online presence, so I can feel confident in launching my book!
— Sarah, Parent Coach & Therapist
I came to Judy with only a glimmer of an idea and in our session, we were able to identify a framework for a final product, but also so many opportunities for sharing my message along the way. I thought I would learn one or two strategies for writing a book, but I received so much more! She is a true visionary, a thinker, and a strategist for success. I am amazed at how many ideas we brainstormed together, and how energized I feel from our session.
— Leanne, Founder of MamaConnects
I’ve always loved writing — I’ve scribbled down ideas in my journal for years now, but felt I needed some direction and guidance on how to write quality content in order to get it published. From pitch letters to bios to writing from an authentic place, Judy covers all the tools necessary for writing your stories and getting them published with leading companies in the field. Judy’s passion for writing is inspiring, refreshingly real and honest and having the opportunity to work with Judy on a weekly basis was truly an incredible experience. I feel more confident in my ability to write and much more prepared to put my work out there.
— Jenn, Holistic Coach
I had been struggling and putting off making a website that reflected who I was and what I do. Judy listened to my needs and what I want to potentially grow in to and helped me tremendously, by increasing my value and worth on every level. She created a beautiful site that I am so proud to refer to, as well as gave me actions and goals to market, network and grow. Judy is a compassionate, intensely intelligent and intuitive business woman. She made the process easy and removed the overwhelm and scare. I would highly recommend working with her to grow your own business and help you level up.
— Willow MacPherson, DIHom

Grow an engaged audience that can’t wait to hear from yoU EVERY time you post:

Judy Tsuei
Judy Tsuei

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Judy Tsuei
Judy Tsuei

The Perfect Program to Create Your Book Marketing Foundation

This partnership is designed for you to gain the clarity you need to build your audience as you finish writing your book, as you’re getting ready to launch, or before you pitch to agents.

Purposefully created as an eight-week intensive, you’ll get everything you need to gain visibility with confidence!

Each aspect of the package is worth several thousand dollars – total value of all these services is $10,000 – so you’re gaining expert caliber consulting designed for heart-based professionals newer to marketing and branding in a specially priced offering just for you.