{PERSONAL JOURNEY DAY 8} The darkness and the light.

Annie Spratt Unsplash

For the past two days, I've pulled cards from The Wild Unknown deck that have shown great contrast — the first in darkness, the second in light.

In fact, both times the second card was the 10 of cups, which is extreme abundance and positivity.

But the card beforehand both carried warnings of shadow sides and temptations.

Yesterday was the first day that I got into an argument with my husband in months — although the trigger points still felt the same. We were able to talk through it and come to different sorts of conclusions, yet what I realized this morning is that I need to love more abundantly...

I have always felt like I have never had enough love and subsequently, especially in dealing with my postpartum depression, I have needed, needed, needed, and taken, taken, taken.

My husband, in the dynamic he's accustomed to, has given, given, given.

But here we are now, upleveling and learning how to be in more than simply a co-parenting partnership and instead, an actual intimate relationship.

Just now, I realized that I'm excited to learn how to love in a different where, where I ask how I can show up for another person, rather than wondering what I'm going to get in turn.

It's an exciting journey for both me and my love life, and I hope you'll come along and share your own experiences, too.

P.S. This is the awesome Abraham Hicks meditation I listened to this morning.

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