When your tot just needs you all day long.

Wilder Love Fox

We spent all day together in bed.

Wilder woke with a fever and wanted me close.

For most women who become mothers, there are a lot of things that aren’t talked about, for fear of guilt or shame...

Things like: sometimes, you may not bond with your child right away. Or, how postpartum depression can hurt your mind so much that nothing matters, not even your own life.

Wilder was born independent.

She didn’t want anyone to touch her hands.

She was not so much a cuddler.

But here, in moments like this, I realize how lucky I am to have a Highly Sensitive Child who can speak her needs and emotions at the age of 3.

She’ll tell us how her body feels.

She’ll express whether she wants us close or to give her space.

Even when she cries in discomfort, she’ll stop and say, “Okay, I’m done crying now.”

When she wanted to snooze this afternoon beside me, she propped herself up to give me a kiss on my forehead, then lay back down and fell asleep.

I’ve started a new evening ritual recently, one where I hold a crystal in my hand and choose the very best moment of the day.

I feel into it.

I experience all of the nuances of appreciation.

I live in the gratitude.

It’s a beautiful practice, because you roll through all the highlights of your day, then infuse an object with that manna. You place the crystal or stone by your bed, so when you wake, it’s the first thing you see in the morning, reminding you once again of all your blessings.

Blessings upon blessings.

For me and for you.

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