How to Use FREE Online Marketing Tools to Create a Sold-Out Live Event

How can you create a SOLD OUT live event, like we did?

After partnering with Rebekah Epstein of Fifteen-Media to host The Ultimate Branding & PR Retreat here in Austin, Texas for female entrepreneurs, many people came up to me afterward to say how much they learned about marketing from simply watching how I marketed our event!

While this was the first time Bekah & I collaborated, the synergy between us was epic and flawless... and we had SO much fun. Not to mention, we sold out our event, so that not one more body could've possibly fit — and we made a nice lil' profit while doing so.

Plus, look at what people shared afterward:



Raeka Beauty
THANK YOU!!!! It was a fun and delicious day!
— Courtney

A friend of mine in the big events music festival space said that when it comes to planning events, they just accept that the first year, you'll be losing money. "If you can't make a profit within three years," she told me over coffee, "then your idea may not be viable." But, for us, we made money the first time we launched it and are looking for more incredible opportunities to create #communityovercompetition IRL.

As powerful as building an online business can be, it's vital to build in person connections and there's no better way to do that than by establishing yourself as an expert through hosting your own events.

Bekah and I are in the midst of planning our next event in February 2018 with an even greater amount of value, offerings, and collaborations.

In the meantime, I thought it'd be helpful for fellow entrepreneurs looking to gain visibility in your business on how to use FREE online marketing tools to sell out tickets for your own live event!

(Psst... feel free to right-click and download this infographic too, if you'd like.)

How to Sell Out an Event

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