Your truth? That's what you see in the world.

Judy Tsuei

Life Pro Tip:

This morning, I had a brief conversation that threw me for a bit of a loop...

I ruminated on it. 
Read A Course in Miracles for spiritual inspiration.
And aimed to shake the energy off.
Then, I practiced sending Love & Light & Gratitude.

It took me a couple of hours to get there.

I’m grateful it happened, because it’s allowed me to gain even more clarity on my core values and how I want to show as a person.

At the moment, my husband and I trying to figure out our divorce and the next best steps for our family, especially for our daughter, so I’m being asked by Life and the Universe to go deep.

To pull from my Highest Self.

To continually make a CHOICE to see a different reality in all ways, whether projecting outward or inward, because there are things that have been said and done that I could EASILY get so infuriated in an ego state about...

To get lost in wanting to justify, defend, vindicate, or blast from a megaphone another side of the story.

That’s not going to help.

The only thing that action does is add energy to a pendulum I no longer want to be a part of, because it’s not serving the greatest good for any of us.

In order for things to change, I need to CHOOSE where to put my focus.

And to see in THIS moment, we are showing up differently.

For me to create a higher reality, it’s vital to know that I only see the things that I believe are true...

If I believe in pettiness and arguments, that’s what I’ll get. 
If I believe in forgiveness and compassion, that’s what I’ll get.

That’s the power of quantum physics and conscious living.

There are infinite realities simultaneously unfolding — yet most of us tend to choose worst case scenario.

Not for me.
Not any longer.

Growing up in a traditional Chinese environment, I was not taught to be a critical thinker.

I was taught to fall in line and believe what an elder or a person of authority said to be true — no questions asked.

That’s not what I want for me. It’s not what I want for my daughter.

I want her to try beliefs and truths on for size before she adopts them as her own.

I want her to ask herself, “Does this fit for me?”

To teach her that, I get to do it for myself, too.

These days, I reflect, “Hm... Is what this person saying to me true? Can I prove it without a shadow of a doubt? How does it make me feel when I think this thought? Who would I be without this thought?”

And then, I look to the source.

I ask, “Is this person who’s saying this to me living in a way that’s aligned with how I want to be living my life? Have they reflected upon whether this thing they’re saying about me is true for them first before they shared it with me?”

Because if not, I can simply honor their truths as their own, uphold us all in Light, and continue living in the ways that I know are right and true for me.

The honest truth is, if you want to attack someone or give them “constructive criticism” or even your opinion, you could likely benefit from asking two questions first:

1) “Is what I’m about to say to them actually more truthful when it’s applied to me?”


2) “Did I ask if they were open to feedback?”

Again, you wouldn’t be able to spot a criticism in another human being if you didn’t feel that way about yourself.

You see your own truths. You read your own stories.

That goes for what you could perceive as “negative” as much as it it could be applied to “positive.”

You see lack of truth? That exists in you, too.
You see love? That exists in you, too.

All any of us want us to be unconditionally loved and accepted just as we are.

The next time you’re about to think or say a certain thought, remember the person you’re talking to is someone’s child...

How would their own mother see them?

How would the Divine Mother and Source see them?

How would YOU want to be seen?

How would you want your child to show up in a similar moment like this in the future?

If your child could one day be witness to this moment, what would they think of you? Say to you?

We’re all doing the best we possibly can. Even when we lash out, it’s usually because we’re hurt or scared. A conscious parent would likely hold a child closer in this moment to remind them that they are loved — anyway. And then, to encourage their child to take full responsibility as much as possible.

I’ve been lost for too much of my life worrying about what other people think of me, and whether I’m being “perfect” enough to be loved.

The only thing that actually matters is this moment. And, in this moment, am I showing up as Light & Love? Because only in doing so will I remember it in myself.

That it never went away.

That I am whole.

And, so are you.

So, can we all stop hurting each other now?

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