The shit you don't know you don't know is in living color.


This past week, I became so blinded by my anger, I literally could not see my husband and daughter standing right before me.

It all started when I got into a disagreement with my husband before he left for work.

My frustration about our argument festered, exacerbated through a series of text messages (thanks, modern technology!) to the point that when I arrived to meet him at the MRT subway station that afternoon in prep for a weekend away to the beachside of Yilan, I was in an extreme state of agitation.

I did not want to start our weekend this way, but this is the way it was going...

I sat on a ledge in the station, in plain view of the entrance, waiting for them to arrive.

My irritation continued to percolate and no matter how much I tried to uplevel my vibe, rewriting my mindset was proving virtually impossible.

Suddenly, my husband texted me.

"Are you here at the station?" he asked.

"Yes! I've been waiting here for you guys. Where are you?"

"We're watching the trains go by."

"What?? You're IN the station?"


Ugh. My frustration mounted. even more. They had to have passed by me to get to the station and yet, they didn't see me and I didn't see them.

I got up, swiped my MRT card, went up to the platform where he said they were, but didn't see them. 

"Where ARE you!" I texted, now fully angry.

"We are literally staring at you," he wrote back. 

"Wilder is calling your name."

In Dr. Jacob Liberman's book, Luminous Life, he writes:

When we become agitated and lose our breath, we literally suffocate our cells and lose our ability to see.

The more you constrict your breath because of an unpleasant experience, the more you tighten your muscles, accelerate your heart rate, disturb your emotions, and diminish your field of vision, literally shutting out a portion of what you see and reducing your capacity to receive and embrace life with ease.

"You didn't see us when we were right next to you, buying a snack?" my husband later asked me when we sorted everything out.


"You didn't see us when we were in that open area before the subway entrance? Wilder wanted to play with the payphone and she was being so loud!"


I couldn't see them. I couldn't hear them. 

They were literally a few feet away from me multiple times in a 20-minute span, and the stories in my head were playing so loudly that I could not perceive anything except the thoughts ruminating in fruitless circles of upset.

I became blind to a better reality because of my thoughts. 

The more stressed we become, the more limited our peripheral vision also becomes, which might not seem like such a big deal until you realize that SCIENCE has shown how the information we take in with our eyes is correlated to where our intuition comes from. 

The sensory cues we're absorbing from our environment are happening more rapidly than our conscious mind can perceive — hence, intuitive hits.

The process of getting out of our head begins with noticing the inverse relationship between breathing and thinking. Thinking feeds the mind and starves the body. Breathing calms the mind, inspires, and feeds life into the body.

When breathing is "on," thinking is "off," and vice versa.

Which reality do you choose to live in?

Why You Need to Think About Color Differently Than Ever Before...

Both the mystic poet Rumi and the musician Leonard Cohen have said variations of this thought:

"The wound is the place where the Light enters you."

What's even more fascinating is how accessing colored light can slip beyond your conscious awareness to essentially shortcut psychotherapy.

Please keep in mind: I've been in therapy at various points of my life for a sum total of 10+ years. I know that it's deeply beneficial, and I also feel that in my own experience, it got me to a point of surviving though not thriving.

As Dr. Liberman shares, "Psychology works at the speed of life. Color homeopathy works at the speed of light, and its effect cannot be blocked with emotional resistance. As soon as you observe a certain color, there is an association. It is a primal experience."

You might think, "Uh, color is just color? What the hell does a color have to do with what I feel?"

In my mid-20s, I discovered a website called Colorgenics. It doesn't exist anymore, but I absolutely wish it did.

Basically, you'd arrive on the homepage to simply find 8 floating colored cubes on the screen. You were asked to pick whichever color spoke to you in that moment, and once you clicked on it, it would dissolve. 

Then, you'd do it again. 

And again, until all the cubes were gone.

Afterward, the website would email you an analysis of your emotional state.

Every single time I did this "exercise," I was BLOWN AWAY by the email I would get a few minutes later detailing everything in my emotional landscape with complete accuracy.

It wasn't until I picked up Dr. Liberman's book that I connected the dots and understood WHY colors could tell me how I felt!

Colored light reaches beyond our cerebral cortex into the primitive brainstem that controls our innate response to color — it penetrates our emotional and memory centers while triggering significant psychophysiological responses. 

We respond to specific colors in the same ways we respond to specific life experiences, except it's not the color we're actually responding to. 

It's the vibration that we interpret as color, since at the most fundamental level (and physicists will tell you this), everything you see/hear/feel/taste/touch is a vibration.

Even the most solid things, if you were to magnify and examine it under a microscope, you'd see that all that remains is a vibrational signature. The real underpinning of reality is the vibration of light and color is just our visual perception of light vibrating at specific frequencies.

Since light is composed of different wavelengths that we perceive as color, the way we metabolize color is inseparable from the way we metabolize life. 

In bringing unresolved issues to conscious awareness, color homeopathy unearths the emotional roots of our visual field construction, ultimately freeing us from our past trauma.

As we embrace the full spectrum of light, we embrace the full spectrum of light.

To find out more, Google "Jacob Liberman + color homeopathy" to find out how you can start meditating on color and seeing what you can see.

What's the theme that's been guiding your life? 

Judy Tsuei