How Hawaii teaches you to go crazy.

Braden Jarvis Hawaii

I came across this post a few days ago, one I had written over five years earlier. It's surprising to me that in reviewing it, I find I'm coming back around to similar spiritual and scientific beliefs, yet they're settling in my psyche in a different way.

I've always believed that life is an upward moving spiral, where if you're meant to learn something, you'll come back around to it, like before, although slightly more evolved.

Here's an experience I had on Kauai, talking about spirit, science, light, and being crazy:

"Anahola and Polihale are two of the most spiritual places on Kauai," the 26 year-old professional jiujitsu fighter told me over dinner. He was born in Massachusetts, but grew up on Kauai and the Big Island, so he can speak pidgin as well as traditional English.

"Really?" I ask, always curious.

He's tall, 6'5" (and a half), because ever since he started doing yoga a few months earlier, he gained an inch and a half, as he was able to lengthen his compacted spine — it was a fact he was proud of.

He wanted to study chemistry on the mainland, yet because of family issues, he wasn't able to, but the science of what we know versus what we don't know continues to fascinate him.

During another part of our conversation, we were chatting about how our eyes only take in a fraction of all the visual input available around us and that if we could only see more, we'd likely be able to catch glimpses of aura, spirits, and more than our consciousness currently perceives.

It's similar to what Dr. Jacob Liberman touts, as well as what RadioLab shares about the mantis shrimp, that can perceive more color NOW than we can currently comprehend.

"Yeah," he continues. "They say Anahola on Kauai is where souls come in and Polihale is where souls exist this earth. When I was young, I camped at Polihale with my brother and my two dogs. It was late at night, and there wasn't any artificial light or much light from the moon either, so our pupils were likely very dilated.

We were playing with the dogs by the beach in the dark and then suddenly, I saw this huge orb of light moving around by the water. I called out to my brother, because I wasn't sure if my eyes were playing tricks on me, but he saw it, too.

Then, one of our dogs went down the beach and started barking at something, which when I looked, was another orb of light. I could see about five of them, walking diagonally back and forth on the shore. Our other dog went after another one.

It was crazy."

I'd heard this about Polihale, the westernmost point of Kauai. When there, it's not only breathtakingly beautiful, but the energy is palpably different. A person I met on island years ago, said that the westernmost point of ALL the Hawaiian islands are the jumping off points for souls to leave earth into other realms.

This young man was also a wedding videographer and has said that again and again, his camera will act oddly in certain places and at different times, even if everything should be going fine... as though he's capturing something digitally that's so far, only perceptible energetically.

"You know, so much of what we think we know now, we actually don't. Science has called people crazy from the beginning of time, when in actuality, they were simply people who were ahead of their times, observing and sharing sights people weren't ready for. If that's being crazy, I'd much rather be crazy than be the norm."

We raise our glasses to that.

"Here's to being crazy."

Judy Tsuei